Case Study


A fully-featured, cloud-based, and completely managed solution for all Clinical Trial needs

ParTRIAL is a digital research platform sponsored by MedSIR. MedSIR is a private company dedicated to the design and management of strategic clinical trials in oncology. 

MedSIR’s Digital department wanted to build a cloud platform that would simplify their daily operations regarding document and information management. The current market tools are outdated, expensive, and with high licensing fees, so they decided to partner up with LambdaLoopers to define, develop and launch a new generation of software for managing clinical trials.

What We Did

  • Understand the clinical trial and regulatory business logic.
  • Design, build and scale an enterprise solution.
  • Transform an internal solution into a SaaS product generating a new digital business model for MedSIR.


Save time:

Up to 95% of time saved in tasks related to the study, like project planning, TMF tracking, or Scheduling of Assessments.

Reduce errors:

Improve the filing process using a validated electronic TMF (less paper use, better traceability).

Better decision making:

Enhance the capability to make smart decisions. Verify, understand, and quantify through data.

3 Big Takeaways

  • Overthinking an initial plan can be counterproductive as it will delay the use of the platform for real users, who will provide the best feedback and ideas for your product roadmap.
  • As the product grows over time, the team must continuously adapt the effort distribution between execution, definition, and planning to the product’s needs and achieve optimal product development velocity.
  • Having early conversations with other key players in the ecosystem that will interact with your product in the future will significantly improve the efficiency of your work and will ensure market fit.
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