Improve your organization

Agile enterprise

Increase the productivity, work quality and efficiency of your team and departments.

  • Introduction & main concepts
  • Agile implementation in the organization
  • Following up
Process automation audit

Save costs, improve customer experience, lower error rates or achieve more speed in specific parts of the process.

  • Goal definition
  • Process design
  • Operational improvements
Technology audit

Analyze the overall product, software/technology used for building it and the team executing it.

  • Goal definition
  • Team, Product and Technology analysis
  • Technical roadmap redefinition

Create a digital product

Product definition
  • Business strategy – Define the idea
  • Product strategy – Materialize the idea
  • User persona
  • Customer Journey Map
User research

Understand the user’s needs, behaviors, experience and motivations. Include the user in the process: user-centered design.

Product testing

Ensure that consumers can understand what the products will do for them and which products give the best value.



Agile Design

Design a digital product

Let’s use an iterative and incremental approach to deliver the design material.

  • UX/UI analysis
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Graphic material (logotype, style guide…)



Product definition, technology and execution roadmap.


Implementation of technology and design elements in the digital product.

Quality Assurance

Define a quality assurance process and ensure that new features meet the quality required to grow the product.


Business case preparation, definition and analysis of high-level decisions, support to C-level.